«A neighbourhood combining work and leisure, for all generations»

Urbanism means variety

The design team's efforts are focused on the development of a 99-unit housing scheme to cater for a wide variety of living needs. Indeed, the demands of the future residents are as multi-faceted as life itself. Two compact volumes frame a new park, open to all residents, which lends the location a fresh and powerful presence. The park offers separate areas for rest and play, for old and young. The two buildings contain 99 new apartments with 37 different layouts to accommodate individual needs – a living environment as multi-faceted as life itself.

Urbanism means richness

Common features of all the apartments include high-spec materials, built-in sustainability, handsome balconies and generous windows to create light-flooded spaces. The interiors are fully fitted-out and simple to furnish. Outside, the variegated colours of the well-insulated, high-grade brick facework offer a feast for the eyes.

Urbanism means sustainability

Part and parcel of any forward-looking development scheme is a sustainable energy concept. The incorporation of a heating system served by waste heat from a local sewage treatment plant underlines the wholehearted commitment to sustainability and eco-efficiency. A low - and CO2-neutral - energy demand is environmentally friendly while also cutting utility costs.